Taking your pet on holiday abroad ?

There have been some recent updates  to the pet passport scheme, specifically travel to the UK. Some countries may have further requirements. Remember if you are planning a return journey there are a few extra points to remember. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


TRAVELLING TO THE UK ONLY  [PRIVATE OWNERS travelling with 5 or less animals]

Dog must be micro-chipped at or before Rabies vaccination

Dog must have a Rabies vaccination administered no earlier than 12 weeks of age

Passport to be filled out by issuing veterinary surgeon

Can only travel 21 days after Rabies vaccination

Clinical Exam and passport certified by owners Vet 24 hours before travel (fee may apply)

Full cost €85.00 per animal for 3 items (Passport, Microchip & vaccination) above when purchased together

COMMERCIAL TRANSPORT TO UK (Includes welfare org’s re homing, any exchange of ownership or private owners with more than 5 animals)

Type 2 Transport authorisation required – from Dept. of Agriculture

Clinical Exam and passport certified by owners Vet 24 hours before travel (Fee €25.00)

Balai health cert required* – issued by Dept. of Ag. Within 24 hours of travel

*Many not be required when travelling to certain sporting events e.g. greyhound race, proof will be required

*O'Keeffe Mooney & Ryan are authorized by the Department of agriculture to complete Balai certs part 1 NB part 2 is issued from Dept. of Ag.


Private transport to Continental EU (When travelling within EU)

As UK private above

PLUS Tapeworm treatment given BY VET & certified on passport 5 to 1 days pre ARRIVAL at destination.

(We highly recommend a tick treatment is also given, although this is not mandatory)

REMEMBER; Further requirements for RETURN journeys depending on length of stay

( Andorra; Gibraltar; Greenland and the Faroe Islands; Iceland; Liechtenstein; Monaco; Norway; San Marino; Switzerland; Vatican City State are included in "EU countries")

NB The above is a summary of the main points and are based on the assumption the owner is travelling with the animal. Owners must not rely solely on this information when making travel arrangements. The regulations are subject to changes from time to time and are published by the Department of Agriculture http://www.agriculture.gov.ie/pets/ . Failure to adhere to the regulations may result in seizure and quarantine of your pet at your expense.  

Non listed countries must adhere to different regulations please refer to above Department of Agriculture website for further details.




Above summary compiled on January 2019. 

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