O'Keeffe Mooney & Ryan are now authorised by the Department of Agriculture  to complete part I of the Balai certificate

Bali Certificates are required for commercial travel with a range of animals and animal bi-products through out the EU

[Details on this page apply to Dogs Cats & Ferrets ONLY. Fees will apply for the issue of Bali certificates]

Commercial travel includes

  1. Private owners travelling with more than 5 dogs/cats or ferrets
  2. All commercial transportation of dogs, cats or ferrets i.e all transfer of ownership including gifts, re-homing by charities etc.


 Persons wishing to trade dogs, cats or ferrets to other EU Member States must:


  1. Register the premises on which the animals are born and/or reared ( from which they are being exported) with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. Registration of Dog Premises - Application Form (doc 110Kb) pet animals of these species may only be traded from registered premises.
  2. Ensure that each animal is identified with a microchip
  3. Ensure each animal is accompanied by an EU Pet Passport* showing a record of –
    • Microchip identification of the animal, including date of insertion (which must precede date of vaccination);

    • Proof of immunization against rabies. Animals must be a minimum of 12 weeks old before a rabies vaccine can be administered. The immunity takes effect 21 days after vaccination, so in fact pups must be a minimum of 15 weeks of age before they are eligible to travel between Member States of the EU;

    • That the animal underwent a clinical veterinary examination within 48 hours of departure, to confirm that the animal shows no signs of diseases and is fit to be transported for the intended journey.

    • Details of veterinary treatments (anti-echinococcus treatment, other anti-parasite treatments and   other vaccinations) administered as required.

       4. Ensure that each consignment is accompanied by a veterinary health (‘Balai’) certificate issued by the Department of Agriculture,           

          Food and the Marine within 48 hours of scheduled departure time.


       5. Ensure that animals have access to food and water for the duration of the journey Detailed guidelines on the welfare of these animals during               transport are included in a document on the DAFM website at the following link:http://www.agriculture.gov.ie/animaltransport/.

       6. Ensure that animals are consigned out of the country by an approved Type 2 transporter only. For list of type 2 transporters             see http://www.agriculture.gov.ie/animaltransport/.




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